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While many of our members would be happy to chat with you if you stop by one of our socials or events, these people can especially tell you all about Rudis. For general inquiries, e-mail


Thom G., Founder
You may know Thom from LDD Leather Works. He also worked with Chad R., Ryan E., and co-owner of Bar: PM, James P., to found this group.


Anthony B., Chair of the Board
Tony's first position was VP of Membership before serving as President and now Chairman. He provides guidance to the board and its officers.

ryan e profile.png

Ryan E., President
As President, Ryan handles much of the day-to-day business of Rudis. He has been President since January 2021 and previously served as VP of Membership and was an original founding member.


nathan s profile.png

Nathan S., Vice President of Membership

The VP of Membership helps new members join and assists current members with benefits and issues. Nathan has been VP of Membership since January 2021.


zachary h profile.jpg

Zachary H., Vice President of Media
Our Vice President of Media manages our social media accounts. Zachary has been the VP of Media since January 2021.



Allan E., Secretary
Allan is our business-minded secretary that helps us all stay organized.



Adam L., Treasurer

Adam handles payments, balancing the checkbook, and keeps track of our expenses.


Bill Bauer2.jpg

Bill B., Road Captain
Bill is our representative to MACC, and will help to both keep us in the loop with runs & leather fun. He has been Road Captain since January 2021.


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